Collection: Summer 2023

Oak Island Caftans (OKI Caftans) inaugaral collection is now available! Featuring sumptuous batik in the Marshland color/print with color coordinating sash, our white crinkle gauze swimsuit cover-up which doubles as a casual dress, and the Stella Kimono topper (complete with our heroine, Stella the Snowy Egret) and self-sash.

This collection has been a labor of love and creativity to procur fabrics, patterns and construction that are ethically made. This means that every hand touching our creations has earned at the very least, a living wage. Every fiber in the cloth is sustainable and easy on the environment. The cloth itself was woven in the USA, or by factories owned and operated by the artists who create the fabric. The gauze is organic cotton. Even our website and technology used to bring Oak Island Caftans to market is born and bred in the Unite States by entreprenuers making a living.

Does this type of production, labeled "slow fashion" cost more? Yes it does. Thank you for understanding and applying this ethical lens to as much of your fashion buying as possible! Here is a definition of slow fashion:

Kevin Meredith, our Virginia based designer of the Stella kimono fabric, graciously shared his time and considerable talent to create this beautiful fabric. You can see more of his designs on Spoonflower as

We hope you enjoy wearing these designs as much as we love bringing them to you! Please send us pictures of you wearing Oak Island Caftans, cover-ups and kimonos - we can't wait to applaud them on you!