Stella at OKI Caftans - Sea Biscuit Shelter 2022

Announcing Spring/Summer 2023 Color Palette!

Announcing Spring/Summer 2023 Color Palette!

Hi and welcome to my first official blog as founder of OKI Caftans (pronounced Oak Island Caftans)! If you are reading this, you're probably one of the brave pioneers helping with designing our brand - thank you! This is a big step for me personally, and I'll need all the help I can get. Ask your network to sign up, if you would please. We can all get in touch with our inner designer!

In launching my first collection, I had a riot of colors, styles and ideas competing in my mind. I belong to a fashion apparel start up incubator, Factory45, who encourages designers to keep it simple and create a cohesive theme for each season's collection, with less than seven products initially. As I looked through designers I admire, I saw this was true. This thematic approach is an integral part of their brands. 

So with a big swallow, I'm packing away my truly crazy designs (picture if Versace and Wyland had a love child fabric) and went with what my daughter told me to do in the first place....I'm calming down and focusing.

As I worked with this picture of Stella, a resident crane rehabilitated by Sea Biscuit Shelter on Oak Island, and now a fixture here, some semblance of sophistication and order started peeking through. I took this pic of Stella on one of my morning walks. I love love love these colors, and I hope you do too!

Please let me know what you think! Beautiful fabrics (solids and prints) to follow. Don't worry, my pink, purple, red, coral and yellow fans. Your day will come! 

Think Island Luxe!




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Hi Sheila! You kindly commented some time ago, and I just learned how to approve them – ugh – learning constantly! I’m sure purples and reds won’t be far behind, and I really appreciate your feedback!


Hi Donna, I hope purples and reds won’t be too far behind :)

Sheila Siler

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