75% - 80% off entire site!

75% - 80% off entire site!

Hi Friends!

It's time to say goodbye to our Summer 2023 line up. Please let friends and family know about these incredible savings on clothes that are ethically and sustainably made, paying a living wage at each stop in the creation process.

I've learned two things in this inaugral launch:

1) Health is your primary, non-renewable asset - I've struggled with health issues throughout the summer of 2023. I'm okay, but have to add asthma care to my list of healthy living routines. Thankfully it is manageable, but again I am reminded - health is the most important physical asset you have. This prolonged illness resulting in this diagnosis has prevented me from developing a Fall/Winter line for 2023. We'll see what the future holds.

2) Making apparel with a living wage is expensive! I now view all clothing with eyes wider open. When I made sure that every stop in my manufacuting process was ethical and sustainable, and ensured every person that touched the fabric and the garments made a living wage, my Cost of Goods Manufactured was astronomical! I've had great conversations with many of you as to what this means. If you're buying inexpensive clothing (and I'm the guiltiest one here of doing that!) you may be unwittingly subsidizing unfair labor practices. 

These two things will inform future lines. I'm not sure what the future holds for Oak Island Caftans. While I was so sick, my inclination was to shut it down. Now I'm just waiting and praying about next steps. 

I'd appreciate your feedback! What would you do if you were me?

Best regards,



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